In golf, the swing and angle of the putter head are crucial factors that can determine the success of a player's shot. Professional golf coach Brad Faxon shares his expert advice on how to improve your putting swing in this short video.



"What should happen with a putter head when it swings back and through? Does it go straight back? Does it go inside? Does it open? Does it close? The lie angle of the putter is tilted over a certain amount, here at 71 degrees, which causes the putter to swing on an arc. It's on a tilted plane. I like the idea that you don't want to twist the shaft.

Look from ground level at a player's stroke. The toe has gone back farther than the heel. Here's the toe, here's the heel. Gets to square and reverses on the follow through putting. If the putter goes back 10 inches on the backstroke it should open about five degrees. It returns to square and it would do the same thing on the follow throughs."

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