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Healthgevity Telomere Prime

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Telomere Prime reflects cutting-edge science, featuring a broad spectrum of ingredients that have been shown to support healthy cellular function.

As the science of longevity continues to evolve, more and more researchers are focusing on geroprotectors- compounds capable to have the potential to prevent or even reverse aging at the cellular level. Telomere Prime reflects cutting-edge science, featuring a broad spectrum of ingredients that have been shown to support healthy cellular function. The health of our cells is foundational to our overall health, so supporting our health and vitality is one of the smartest things we can do for our long-term wellbeing. The compounds in Telomere Prime have been carefully chosen for their ability to protect and repair DNA, reduce telomere shortening and support healthy cellular function. Telomere Prime supports genomic stability and other key indicators of healthspan and lifespan such as, antioxidant protection, body global cell health, inflammation support, and mitochondrial function.

Featured Benefits:

Support the body’s natural ability to repair its own DNA.
Significantly increases telomere length in yearlong clinical trials.
Inhibit synthesis of pro-inflammatory “inflammaging” cytokines such as interleukin (IL)-6, (IL)-8, NF-KB and TNF-alpha.
Prevent cell death through inhibition of the pro-apoptotic factors.
Support your DNA’s defenses against free radical damage and activates NRF2
Activates the cell and mitochondrial renewal process
Chelate divalent metal ions.
Protect against damage caused by the prooxidants ferric-NTA and β-amyloid.
Enhance the immune system by increasing the life cycle of white blood cells.
Helps reduce DNA and mitochondrial damage and protect against free radicals.
Protect against UV and gamma radiation by neutralizing radiation-induced reactive oxygen species (ROS).

ac-11® Cat's Claw Aqueous Extract (Uncaria tomentosa)

ac-11® is an all-natural, safe, and effective aqueous extract of Uncaria tomentosa, a medicinal plant indigenous to the Amazon rainforest. Manufactured using a proprietary process, this extract provides a broad spectrum of health benefits, primarily directed towards systemic DNA repair, environmental stress, infection, immunosenescence and aging.

Scientists have determined that when the body is subjected to external stressors such as overexposure to the Sun (UV radiation), strenuous exercise, pollution, and/or the general effects of aging, our DNA is damaged. Such cumulative DNA damage has been scientifically confirmed as a causative factor in the age-onset disease.

In a series of peer-reviewed scientific and clinical studies conducted by third-party laboratories and university medical centers, ac-11® has been proven to help the body’s natural ability to repair its own DNA. The primary active ingredients of ac-11® are formed by the complex molecular chains known as CAEs (Carboxy Alkyl Esters). CAEs are responsible for approximately 90% of ac-11®’s therapeutic benefits. Studies demonstrate that this patented technology:

Increases telomere length in a cell (Patent No.: US 10,098,922B1)
Helps the body’s natural ability to repair its own DNA
Enhances the immune system by increasing the life cycle of white blood cells
Repairs neural function damaged by overexposure to high decibel noise
Helps to normalize the expression of NF-KB, thereby regulating the cellular response to systemic inflammation
Maintains telomere length and integrity during the process of cellular mitosis
Increases production of natural collagen III, a form of collagen associated with soft, supple, youthful-looking skin
ac-11® differs from all other Uncaria tomentosa extracts, most of which are sold under the common name “cat’s claw,” in that its molecular composition is distinct. Such distinction is achieved through an ultra-filtration process that produces a low weight (less than 10,000 Daltons) bioavailable, scientifically indole alkaloid free (less than 0.05 ppm) extract. The inner bark of the plant (Uncaria tomentosa) used to manufacture ac-11® is harvested in the Amazon rainforests of Brazil and Peru utilizing an eco-friendly and renewable process.

2-HOBA (as Hobamine®)

Hobamine™, or 2-hydroxybenzylamine (2-HOBA), is a naturally occurring compound in Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat that is at the forefront of new developments to support cellular health, particularly as we age. Hobamine™ (2-HOBA) works by rapidly capturing specific reactive compounds formed by oxidative stress. This capture prevents those compounds from binding to and damaging other cellular components like proteins, lipids, or DNA and impeding normal function of the cell.

An NIH-funded study found that Hobamine™ supplementation led to positive changes in 15 inflammatory biomarkers associated with immune system balance in both younger and older adults. Hobamine™ works by scavenging pro-inflammatory reactive lipids, helping maintain immune homeostasis, and supporting your immune system's ability to stay in balance even when exposed to oxidative stressors. Hobamine™ has been shown to promote normal cell function in brain cells, blood vessels, and heart, lung, and immune cells from the effects of oxidative stress, which helps to support healthy function. Hobamine™ is an emerging solution for anyone experiencing the signs of premature aging due to oxidative stress.

L-Ergothioneine (as MitoPrime®)

Ergothioneine is an amino acid — a building block to proteins — that is synthesized by bacteria and fungi, leading mushrooms to be the primary dietary source. Since its discovery, the unique properties of the, ergothioneine has intrigued researchers for more than a century. Emerging research shows that it is a full spectrum cyto-restorative that protects and repairs the complete cell, including DNA and mitochondria, from the full array of assaults both endogenous and exogenous. Ergothioneine is an antioxidant concentrated in mitochondria, suggesting a specific role in protecting mitochondrial components such as DNA from oxidative damage. Ergothioneine is readily absorbed after oral supplementation, resulting in significant increases in plasma and whole blood ergothioneine levels

In one study using cells exposed to oxidative conditions found that ergothioneine treatment significantly lengthened telomeres and reduced the percentage of shortened telomeres after eight weeks. Treating the cells with ergothioneine also boosted the activity of telomerase which is the only enzyme that maintains telomere length.

Another recent publication investigated how ergothioneine levels relate to mortality. The looked at levels of 112 compounds in the blood of 3,200 Swedish adults, ergothioneine exhibited the strongest connection with reduced mortality — higher levels of the compound markedly reduced the risk of all-cause mortality, cardiovascular-related mortality, or developing heart disease at all. Due to the recent published research, ergothioneine is being referred to as the ‘longevity vitamin’.

Spermidine (as Puremidine®)

Spermidine is a polyamine compound found naturally in most living organisms and certain foods. It has been studied for its potential health benefits since the early 1970’s. Spermidine is believed to have anti-aging properties that can protect against cellular damage and enhance cell function. Research has shown that it may improve heart health, increase longevity, and support healthy inflammation levels through the body. Studies have also demonstrated that spermidine can help boost cognitive function and memory by stimulating the release of brain-derived neurotropic factor (BDNF) and increasing the number of synaptic connections in the brain. Another potential benefit of spermidine is its ability to reduce oxidative stress and improve mitochondrial function. Spermidine has been shown to help protect our cells from damage of aging, which leads to a host of age-related disease. Research has shown that when spermidine is supplemented, it can help lengthen telomeres and restore their protective effects. It also helps improve cell metabolism, which can result in increased energy production and better overall health.

Sulforaphane Glucosinolate (as Activated BroccoRaphanin®)

Sulforaphane is a type of isothicyanate and a metabolite of glucoraphanin which is a phytonutrient found in cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage. Studies have suggested that consumption of sulforaphane can provide numerous health benefits, such has reducing oxidative stress and supporting inflammation levels. In addition to its potential therapeutic effects sulforaphane has been studies for its ability to enhance the body’s natural defense mechanisms. It has been shown to activate enzymes that help protect cells and DNA from damage. Studies have also suggested that sulforaphane may play a role in enhancing the body’s natural detoxification process, helping to flush out harmful toxins from cells. The myrosinase enzyme added into Telomere Prime is necessary for the conversion of glucoaphanin to sulforaphane. The enzyme is released by the plant upon chewing or chopping and is responsible for activating sulforaphane.

Buckwheat Peptides

The protein isolated from buckwheat have been hydrolyzed into a range of peptides. These peptides showed diverse biological activities in vitro and in vivo. They include trypsin inhibition, anti-aging, modulating gut microbiota, heart, and immune support.

Telomere Prime showcases the latest advancements in healthy aging support and features ac-11 Cat’s Claw, 2-hoba, L-ergothioneine, spermidine, sulforaphane with myrosinase and buckwheat peptides. It is the perfect way to give your cells the boost they need to stay health and support your overall health as you age. So, if you are looking for a natural way to support your longevity, Telomere Prime is part of your solution.