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Golf Forever Swing Trainer

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3-In-1 Golf Training System + Connected Coaching App

Unlock your swing with the most effective golf training tool ever created. Driven by routines in the app, the GolfForever Swing Trainer is three golf training tools in one:
• Asymmetrical resistance training bar for unmatched strength and mobility in your swing
• Premium resistance bands with handles for versatile training and stretching routine
• Optimized heavy warmup club that promotes thoracic mobility and ideal pre-round prep


• 44.5-inch premium resistance training bar
• Light & medium resistance band with nylon safety sleeve
• 2 15-inch resistance band handles
• D3 swing weight ball attachment
• Overloaded quick-interchange ball attachment
• 2 polymer carabiners
• Door connector
• Carry Bag
• 30-Day Free Trial to the GolfForever App

Used by

Justin Leonard