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Mach 3 Jetstick Swing Speed Tool

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By Mach 3

Our most powerful and popular tool for golf swing speed and swing plane. The unique action of the ball and chain makes it perfect for swing speed training.

The JetStick is a pure speed tool. It is, in fact, the only tool we have that is swung at absolute full speed. Your job with the JetStick is always to create maximum speed upward and far out in front of the ball. If used after the SpeedBomber, the JetStick will feel super-fast. Use the swishing sound as proprioceptive feedback to ensure that you are creating maximum “speed out in front.” Measure your speed progress and learn how your body is moving to create this new speed on Sportsbox 3D Practice. Each JetStick comes with 1 free month of 3D Practice!

Typical workout: 3-4 sets of 6 swings, all at maximum speed


Available in Strong (over 100 mph), Regular (under 100 mph), Light (ages 9-12), and Kids (ages 5-8) sizes.


Shipping costs are for the continental US only. For international shipping costs, custom orders, or volume discounts, please contact us.

Used by

Jeff Flagg