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Restoic Performance Mindset App

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By Restoic

Authorized Restoic Partner - Available for Iphone and Android - English language only


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Rated #1 By Athletes For Mental Performance Training

Since 2019, Restoic’s mission has been to empower athletes with the skills to perform at their best and prioritize their mental well-being. Developed in collaboration with thousands of student-athletes and the nation's leading mental health professionals, the Restoic App applies scientifically proven cognitive-behavioral methods to performance enhancement and mindfulness. Ready to transform your mobile device into a dynamic competitive advantage? Join our community of mindful athletes.


Gen Z athletes, which consists of 2.5M+ student-athletes, report mental health and wellness as their #1 challenge. Within this population, 31.9% experience mental health challenges in high school athletics, with anxiety from Covid being most common. Restoic App users report increased confidence, decreased anxiety, and improved performance as primary benefits. In partnership with the U.S. Center for Mental Health & Sport, Restoic's platform has become the first proactive approach to athlete mental health. Our science-backed methodology is providing tools and resources in support of this next generation who are committed to training their mind just as hard as they train their body.


8+ hours of on-demand audio workouts in categories which include: Intro To Sports Psych, Exercises, Meditation, Breathe work, Binaural Beats, & Soundscapes.

The Restoic App focuses on the five key skills to optimizing performance and well-being:
- Relaxation: Reduce performance anxiety, stress levels & muscle tension.
- Self-Talk: Improve confidence & resiliency through reframing exercises.
- Imagery: Enhance your sport-specific skills & improve self-belief.
- Goal Setting: Increase productivity, motivation & promote self-mastery.
- Concentration: Maintain focus & stay in the moment when it matters most.


Marina Mabrey, WNBA Player @ Dallas Wings
“As a student-athlete, I went through a very long shooting slump and I ended up having to see a sports psychologist just to get back to where I was. If I had access to the Restoic App, I can imagine how much quicker I would have gotten to my best self.”

Ryan Sherriff, MLB Pitcher @ Philadelphia Phillies
“A tool like Restoic is perfect for both young and more experienced athletes, so they can begin training the mental side of their games to be in control of their minds and bodies in those high-pressure moments.”

Megan Courtney, Team USA Volleyball & 2x NCAA Champion
“Restoic has really helped by guiding me to use so many different avenues to increase my mental performance, such as getting out of slumps, knowing how to breathe, visualizing myself correcting mistakes, and doing it at a high level.”


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