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Short Game Gains Signature Steel Putting Mirror

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Staying consistent is what the best players do- so why not bring that stability into your own putting routine?

Signature Steel Putting mirror: It’s here and it’s perfect! The Stainless Steel Putting Mirror is our newest addition to the SGG family. We heard your feedback on the mirrors of the golf world, kept the good, improved the bad, and this mirror was born. Made of high strength stainless steel, this mirror won’t bend or warp just from being used the way some plastic mirrors do. That means your mirror will last longer and gives you picture perfect clarity (no weird distortion!) when you look down at the ball. It has an included ruler for measuring stance and setup, and the ruler doubles as a shoulder alignment mirror when you flip it over. Genius! It’s double sided for even longer use, so you’re getting TWO mirrors for the price of one- plus it comes with adhesive silicone protection strips to keep your putter from scratching the surface without affecting the roll of the ball. With slots in key points to make your own tee gates, you can work on setup, path, eye line, start line, and more at one single station. Indoor Practice? No problem. Use the included marbles for start line work in the off-season. Your golf practice just got way more effective!


A few SGG putting mirror features:

- eye line alignment
- shoulder alignment
- swing path
- distance from ball
- width of stance
- ball position
- center contact
- starting ball on line

Used by

Luke Donald