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Pro Sessions: Balance

Eddie Fernandes emphasizes the importance of balance in golf in this instructional session. He demonstrates exercises and techniques to improve balance during the golf swing. Fernandes' approach highlights how a stable base can lead to more consistent and powerful shots. This video is a must-watch for golfers seeking to enhance their swing through improved balance.

Pro Sessions: Whole Body Activation

In this video, Fernandes explores activating the whole body for an effective golf swing. He guides viewers through exercises to engage every muscle group, enhancing coordination and power. Fernandes' insights into whole-body activation offer valuable lessons for golfers aiming to optimize their physical readiness for the game.

Pro Sessions: Swing Sequence

Fernandes breaks down the golf swing sequence in this detailed session. He focuses on the critical components of a successful swing, including the backswing, downswing, and follow-through. This instructional video is packed with tips and drills to help golfers of all levels understand and improve their swing mechanics.

Pro Sessions: Weight Shift and Extension

This video features Fernandes demonstrating the golf swing's critical weight shift and extension aspects. He provides practical advice on effectively transferring weight and extending through the swing for maximum power and accuracy. Golfers looking to refine their technique will find this session particularly beneficial.

Pro Sessions: Hitting a Draw

In this session, Fernandes focuses on the technique of hitting a draw shot in golf. He explains the adjustments needed in grip, stance, and swing path to shape the ball from right to left. This video is ideal for golfers who want to add this skillful shot to their repertoire. Fernandes provides clear, step-by-step guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AirWayz?

We are a digital media platform where athletes post fresh and authentic content for fans to consume. Through an exclusive, membership-based platform dedicated to athletes, your sports superheroes get to share their stories and offer professional tips to build your athletic skills. Fans will get the opportunity to develop a deeper and more honest connection with their heroes than ever before in the athlete-fan relationship. Read more about our mission and vision here

Who is AirWayz for?

Everyone. Aspiring athletes looking to improve their game, professional athletes forging their legacy and inspiring others, or super fans hoping to learn more about their heroes. If you are curious about an athlete or want to learn more about the sports world, this is the place for you. 

What type of content is available on the platform?

Athletes have the ability to share a variety of information with their fans that is not posted on any other social media platforms. We have three different categories:

  1. Pro Sessions: this is the closest you will get to private training with the athletes. 
  2. Stories: athletes share important, foundational stories and lessons they have learned along their journey.
  3. Lifestyle: the athletes can also share exclusive content that gives a more personal look into their lives.

Additionally, AirWayz also enables specialized content types that can be chosen by each athlete including collectibles and even NFTs.

*Content available to consume will also depend on your membership plan. 

What makes AirWayz different from other social platforms?

There are 4 key difference for AirWayz.

  1. We invite only the best athletes in the world to share their stories of greatness on our platform.
  2. We offer the chance to connect on a more personal level with the athletes with Q&A opportunities, Performance Feedback and Personalized Videos.
  3. Unlike other platforms, AirWayz doesn’t sell fan information or sell advertising to big corporations. Instead we offer reasonably priced subscription plans for the fans that allow them to experience a unique fan-athlete connection and reward the athlete with a financially fair arrangement for the content they share. 
  4. The environment we’ve created is oriented towards ensuring only healthy and productive interactions
How do you keep the community safe?

We do this by charging a small subscription fee to ensure only the most enthusiastic fans are present on our platform and have also engineered advanced technologies that don’t allow the toxicity that characterizes other environments to infiltrate into AirWayz and our unique athlete-fan experiences.

Is there merchandise available for purchase?

Each athlete has the ability to add their favorite merchandise to the platform. Athletes and their management teams can manage product catalogs, set pricing and present opportunities for purchase to their fans. Athletes and their support teams are able to utilize the AirWayz administrative functions to set quantities, fulfillment details, pictures and pricing and make it a part of their existing athlete profile area on AirWayz.

What philanthropic initiatives are you involved in?

AirWayz was started with a clear mission to help athletes tell their amazing stories in an environment that cultivated real and authentic engagement with their most enthusiastic fans. We know that many fans and aspiring athletes across the world would like to have a more authentic connection and learn tips from the greatest athletes to ever play these sports. To further our mission AirWayz donates 1 percent of all revenues to helping youth charities focused on sports, increasing access to youth sports program and advocating and educating for mental health awareness.