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King Kool Plunge + Spa Cover

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$6,699.00 $8,999.00

The future of plunging is here! Easiest and fastest setting in the industry, proudly made in Utah. Ships to the US only. outside of the US, contact us at hello@airwayz.com

The future of plunging is here. Easy to install and recover in this custom made spa acrylic reservoir with an outer shell that is built to withstand the elements. Plugs into a standard household 110v outlet.

This sleek, modern design has many luxury features including:

- reclined position spa acrylic tub
- bluetooth speakers (Sold Separately)
- arm rests
- adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
- center drain
- LED light (Sold Separately)

3 dimensions are available from Standard, Large or X Large. The exterior dimensions of both the L and XL plunge are the same. It is the interior size of the tub that differs.

Plunge for recovery, self care, clarity or health.


All King Kool Plunges:
- Are crafted from a high-quality spa grade acrylic basin material
- Have adjustable feet for uneven surfaces
- Have waterproofed and protected electrical systems
- Are insulated and weatherproofed; the plumbing, filtration, and chilling systems are all housed internally.
- Have trifold insulating cold spa covers
- Have a textured element-proof exterior coating
- Are completely handcrafted in Utah
- Chill to 39 degrees Fahrenheit


- Outer Dimensions: 80” L X 27” W X 31” H
- Footprint: 80” L X 27” W
- Water Capacity: 90 gallons (average fill), 110 gallons (maximum fill at overflow)

Standard Tub Specs
- Length: 58.25" at overflow / 43" at bottom of reservoir
- Width: 23" at overflow / 16" at bottom of reservoir
- Depth at overflow: 24"

- Outer Dimensions: 85” L X 38.5” W X 27” H
- Footprint: 85” L X 38.5” W
- Water Capacity: 95 gallons (average fill), 140 gallons (maximum fill at overflow)

Large Tub Specs
- Length: 64" at overflow / 44" at bottom of reservoir
- Width: 31.5" at overflow / 21" at bottom of reservoir
- Depth at overflow: 18.5"

- Outer Dimensions: 85” L X 38.5” W X 27” H
- Footprint: 85” L X 38.5” W
- Water Capacity: 125 gallons (average fill), 175 gallons (maximum fill at overflow)

XL Tub Specs
- Length: 64" at overflow / 45" at bottom of reservoir
- Width: 35" at overflow / 28" at bottom of reservoir
- Depth at overflow: 18.5"


- Anti-freeze Heating Element ($799)
This heating unit will keep your King Kool Plunge from freezing in harsh winter conditions. Doubling as a hot tub feature, this anti-freezing unit is highly recommended if you are keeping your King Kool Plunge outside.

- Built-in Bluetooth Speakers ($289)
Making your daily cold plunge a fully immersive experience with our one of a kind
invisible Bluetooth feature. This is a fan favorite that you will love!

- Grab Rails ($199)
A rail for extra stability when getting in and out of your King Kool Plunge.

- LED Light ($149)
Elevate your cold immersion experience with this color-changing LED light.


Can I return my King Kool Plunge after it has been delivered?

You are welcome to cancel your order within 7 days of the date the order was placed. We do build these plunges with the add ons that you choose, so each tub is going to be different depending on whats been ordered. Please allow several business days for the refund/cancellation to process.

Returns will be accepted within 15 days after delivery. The customer will be charged for the cost of shipping and handling and the plunge will only be accepted if the plunge doesn't show significant signs of damage caused by the customer. The refund will be processed as soon as the plunge is back in King Kool's hands.

How easy is it to set up my King Kool Plunge?

Find the best spot to set up your plunge- somewhere flat and close to an electrical outlet is best.
1/Fill up your plunge, using the integrated hose connection, to about 2/3 full.
2/ Plug in your plunge, turn on the chiller, and set the desired water temperature
(39-41 F is recommended).
3/ Get into your plunge to test the water height with you in it. Add or drain water if necessary.
4/ Wait for the water temperature to drop and take your first plunge!
5/ Pro tip: If you want to give your plunge a little kickstart, throw a few bags of ice into the water and your chiller will do the rest!

How often does the water need to be changed?

Not very often! Our top-of-the-line Ozone, pump filter, and inline filter keep your water clear, clean, and ready for daily use. We recommend changing the water whenever you feel the need: if it gets murky, if it smells weird, or if you feel you need a fresh reset. At a minimum, we recommend draining and refilling your plunge once every 3 months, regardless of usage.

Is the King Kool Plunge safe?
We designed and built the plunge to keep all your components covered and protected from weathering, as well as potential water splash from the reservoir. This design allows you to keep it plugged in and running as long as you'd like (including 24/7- 365!). Many other models of plunges may have their electrical components on the outside of the plunge, subjecting those electrical components to water damage, environmental hazards, and other compromising elements. We ask that you please use our tub at your own risk and away from children and pets
that cannot swim.

Is there a possibility that my King Kool Plunge could freeze during the colder winter months?
Certainly, without being carefully maintained, there is a risk that the water within the King Kool Plunge could potentially freeze.