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Healthgevity TB-4 FRAG 500+

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Thymosin Beta-4-Frag 500+ is a synergistic blend of Acetyl-N-Ser-Asp-Lsy-Pro (AcSDKP), a biologically active fragment of Thymosin Beta-4 (TB-4) and Thymogen (Glu-Trp) which is a bioregulator dipeptide. These orally bioavailable peptides are combined with salcaprozate sodium (SNAC) for enhanced absorption. The fragment featured in this formula has been found to be 10x more potent compared to the full-length TB-4 by weight. Research has confirmed its regenerative potential, immune modulation, supportive role for gut health, inflammaging and fibrosis.

Salcaprozate sodium, or SNAC, is one of the most advanced intestinal permeation enhancers that has been tested in clinical trials for oral delivery of macromolecules. It was originally designed for the oral delivery of insulin. In one study, SNAC increased the absorption of a peptide (a short chain of amino acids) nine-fold without affecting tight junctions. Healthgevity's formulation includes an optimal ratio of salcaprozate sodium to our active ingredients. This combination results in exceptional oral absorption without compromising its stability or efficacy.