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Pure Encapsulations Ascorbyl Palmitate 180's

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Fat-soluble vitamin C; antioxidant support. Ships to the US only.

Vitamin C in a form that can be stored in lipid cell membranes‡
Antioxidant and free radical scavenger that supports cellular and cardiovascular health‡
Supports the body's defense systems by promoting white blood cell function and antibody response‡
Assists in iron absorption‡
Promotes collagen formation‡
Fat soluble form of vitamin C
Made with high-quality vegetarian ingredients backed by verifiable science


Ascorbyl palmitate is a fat-soluble derivative of ascorbic acid. Unlike the water-soluble form, ascorbyl palmitate is able to enter the lipid cell membrane.1 Vitamin C is an important antioxidant and free radical scavenger that plays well-established roles in immune function. These functions include maintaining healthy mast cell function and lymphocyte formation.2,3 C is also essential for the formation and maintenance of collagen.4 It also aids in the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells.5


Ages 18 and up
Healthy immune system support‡
Cardiovascular health and iron absorption‡

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule, 1-2 times daily, with meals.


If you are pregnant or lactating, have any health condition or are taking any medication, consult your health professional before use.