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Short Game Gains String

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Improve your putting precision and consistency.

We all know someone who spends all of their time “practicing”, but never seems to get better. Don’t be that guy. Focusing on the right things is key to dropping strokes on the course. One thing that every good putter on Tour does well, is starting putts on their intended line. The Short Game Gains Start Line String is designed to help you set up a practice station that delivers instant feedback on your ability to start putts on your intended line. It has multiple functions, allowing you to measure your performance as well as keeping your stroke consistent. Most people aren’t sure how to practice to improve, because they aren’t actually sure what they’re doing wrong. The Start Line String is a perfect way to make sure your practice is effective and efficient.


•start line
•eye line
•green reading
•swing path
•swing length

Used by

Luke Donald