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Short Game Gains Ghost Holes

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Improve your putting precision and consistency with the Short Games Gains Ghost Holes.

They sound scarier than they are- trust us. The SGG Ghost Holes can be used to improve your performance both on and off the greens. Each of the ghost holes (sold in packs of 3) are the exact dimensions of an actual regulation golf hole. There is one thing that differentiates these ghost holes from other practice cups. Made from a special silicone blend, they are thin enough for a golf ball to roll across seamlessly, but they won’t blow away. The edges are flat, allowing you to aim for them without affecting the roll of the ball. This makes them perfect options for distance control drills with the putter and as landing spot targets for shots around the greens. A lot of players also like to use them during practice rounds and place them where they believe the holes will be placed during the event to allow them to practice the putts they will be faced with.

Used by

Luke Donald