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Wellstroke Mat by Wellputt


Improve your putting experience and precision.

The Wellstroke is an innovative guide for putting stroke that has been developed with the goal of enhancing the critical elements of an ideal putting stroke. Consistent training using Wellstroke will empower you to execute a putting stroke that results in a square face towards the intended path during impact solid ball contact at the "sweet-spot," and consistent rolling along the intended start line ultimately leading to an increased number of successful putts.


The Wellstroke mat comes in 5 different degrees of arc, from 12° to 24°, and is designed to develop muscle memory of the key components behind great putting performances. Daily training on your Wellstroke will enable you to master your technique, increase the precision of your strike, and ensure a perfect roll where you want it to go, which quite frankly equates to you making more putts!

The Wellstroke 12° is recommended by coach Cameron McCormick and suitable for most players. If you are advised by a coach or discover through a putter fitting that you require a different degree of arc, additional options are available from 15° to 24°.


- Arc from 12° to 24°
- Available for right-handed and left-handed
- Visual markers for ball position, putter head alignment, stroke arc & length
- Tee gate


Length 31.9in - 81cm
Width 7.7in - 19.5cm
Arc From 12° to 24°

Used by

Cameron Tringale